Sunday, May 6, 2007

the weekend of may 6

this is what i'm doing right now as i'm writing this blog entry.

the barbeque is smoking like a burnt out diesel engine, but smells ten times as nice. i've marinated my beef ribs and chicken breast with a blend of soy sauce, barbeque sauce, ketchup, sugar, garlic powder, and remnants of a trader joe's mandarin orange chicken sauce packet. the only thing that recipe is missing is beer. =)

the weather is about 79 degrees F. i'd come back from surfing about two hours ago. the surf was rough, but hey it's 79 degrees and sunny, the water was about 61 degrees and my longboard was in need of riding. the parking lot was completely full so i had to park on the street, because some fat woman walked into a spot that had just opened up in front of me.

i had gotten up this morning at 11:30 and had a nice big bowl of cereal for energy. but i got back around 3 and since then i've been famished. while i was marinating my beef ribs i had a cucumber sandwich and a glass of reisling - that is definitely one of my FAVORITE grapes for wine.

and now the barbeque is lit and i'm having a beer from rick's cinco de mayo celebration. a ucsd student named ian who wanted me to help him with a tkd demo called today and cancelled (well it was a mutual cancellation) so now i can just sit with my beer and barbeque, and listen to The world's top 25 most sad songs.

sometimes i get afraid that one day when i run out of interest and purpose in life i will become extremely depressed. i know that i am going to have a dangerously depressing mid life crisis. but then there are days when the sun is bright and life can just happen and everything will be fine.

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