Thursday, May 10, 2007

the difference is bread

i've never actually realized it before but there are different qualities of bread. definitely the cheap stuff tastes different than the expensive stuff. i mean of course you'd expect that a regular white sandwich bread or the giant 69 cent loaves would taste different from the multi grain, enriched bread with fancy stuff on its crust like oat flakes or even raisins. but just today i could tell the difference between my lunch, which had the Valu brand from ralphs, and the van der kampf wheat bread i'm having for dinner. just a single bite of the toasted VDK bread proved to me that at less than twice the cost, there was more than twice the flavor. deep, huh?


Speedcat Hollydale said...

It is hard, indeed, to purchase the 4 dollar loaf, with the 68 cent loaf laying right next to it. Quandary? Oh my goodness yes. Loaf A is > than loaf B, therfore get B? NO SIR! GET LOAF A!!!! It tastes better and Ohhhh so nutritious. :-) What kind of sammy do you want? Good or Stupid. "I want good, MAN!"

Speedcat Hollydale loves great bread.

I like your blog! Link?? - check me out. I do rated G random stuff like you + golf.

Happy Day :-) Speedy H.

Alicia said...

Me love bread! *gobble gobble gobble*