Wednesday, May 23, 2007

innocuous wednesday

wednesdays are the most innocuous day. monday is always the most energetic (for those who are awake) because it's the beginning of the week and people are coming back from a weekend, ready to go. tuesdays there's still that energy left over, and for us we have meetings. thursdays are pretty innocuous too, but they're leading up to fridays. and fridays are the day before the weekend. wednesday is smack dab in the middle of nothing. and the office is quiet and san diego's may gray is dampening the whole socal atmosphere. so today it's pretty chill...almost too chill.

except this morning as i was driving to work, there was a HOMELESS FIGHT on the street. first i saw this one guy cross the street right in front of a car making a uturn. he was booking it to this other black homeless guy holding one of those signs on the median. they started talking and it seemed like the white guy was saying something like you can't use that space it's mine, or pointing at some stuff the black guy had. the black guy didn't think anything and leaned in closer to listen because i doubt homeless guys enunciate. at this point i had to drive away but i kept watching in the rearview mirror, and even from a distance i could see the white guy was getting closer and getting in the black guy's face. suddenly the black guy takes a swing, probably hits the white guy in the face, but loses his balance and falls down right in front of the left turn lane. fortunately the light was red but he was sprawled out in front of a large red suv. that's when my light turned green, or had been green for a while, and a row of cars was stacking up behind me, so i had to leave. but i saw another person come running, and maybe they called the police, but i really just wanted to sit and watch the fight.

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