Tuesday, March 29, 2011

bike repair with craigslist

i just bought a bike frame on craigslist, from a guy who's becoming my buddy because i've purchased parts from him in the past so this time we recognized each other in the first email exchange.

this time i got a frame and while i was there, we decided to basically put it together more or less. and i learned a bunch of things. this post is kind of a note for myself for reference.

frame size: 49 cm (about 19") is measured from the top of the seat post to the top of the bottom bracket.

seat post - 26.6 diameter (the old 26.7 was too tight)

rear wheel has a single speed gear with spacers on it. it was the kind that looks like this: and spacers are needed to adjust the position of the gear so that the chain is straight.

crank tool: ccp-2 needed to pull out cranks. spin the nut as low as possible, insert into the threads by the crank, and spin the tool so that the nub at the end pushes into the bike, so the tool basically pulls the bike out.

inserting cranks: just use a socket wrench to tighten the nuts as tightly as possible.

chainring: single speed, just a single metal disc that has 5 openings for chainring bolts. bolts onto 5 pronged crank

basically he put these things loosely together for me so i have a good idea how to install the cranks and gears in a bike. i still have to find a headset and handlebars, and the seatpost.

and a coincidence - i've been reading up on iphone programming and before leaving had opened the addison wesley iphone programming - the big nerd ranch guide on my computer. and just now i close it but notice that the picture is of an open bottom bracket in the bike, similar to the ones i was looking at today on craigslist.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


it's not quite the right temperature yet but today was like a spring sunday. this was on the schedule:

house renovation (demolition to access ceiling joists)
photography (organize photo365 and other photos)
bike repair (degrease and clean axle, reinstall bearings)
motorcycle (took it out of storage and rode down memorial drive)
beer brewing (boil hops and prepare wheat ale)

the temperature was like 40 degrees F but the ride was actually pretty nice. crisp, not chilly, and full of sun.