Friday, May 18, 2007

bank of america

bank of america customer service is good. i know Consumerist often has complaints about them but my recent experiences have been fine.

i missed a credit card payment on my balance transfer which had involved a earn money on low interest balance transfers scheme so that there was a $39 late fee and the promotional 1% apr was voided. i called in yesterday and asked them if they would be nice because i've been a good customer. the first lady immediately removed my $39 late fee and said to call back so they can review my apr. today, i called and mentioned it and the lady said "done." and that was it. wow, i thought i'd actually have to beg and plead and threaten to take my thousands elsewhere.

the other good thing is that they don't outsource. they have english speaking people, not indians, on the phone. argh i hate outsourced customer service reps.

so maybe bank of america is something worth investing in, because good customer service = high returns? but you're already investing in them as your bank, anyways.

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