Monday, May 14, 2007

inspired by school, scared by work

attending a graduation ceremony, especially one which was so focused on applied sciences, has made me feel a renewed interest in graduate school. for a small fraction of a second i considered getting a PhD. but just being at a place like the keck institute, hearing a talk by Nobel Laureate Stanley Prusiner, and reliving the escapades of all the grad students through the stories, all these have made me really want to go back to school.

i'm not sure if i want to go to a pure business school. i almost desire science again. actually, i almost want to go to the keck institute. or MIT.

so now i'm going to sit down and seriously start thinking about what kind of school/program i want to go to. seems that people who went to keck had already done several years of industry experience. i think it'll be good for me to do that. so that brings me to the biggest obstacle... is a scary place. i've briefly looked at job postings in the boston area. i had an idea of what i'd want to do - well, kind of an idea like a bright eyed freshman. i want to do some software...maybe with a biomedical engineering focus. maybe with some business aspects. i think i can do anything. there's so much opportunity out there. america is great!

but then i look through postings, requirements, 3-5+ years of experience, proficiency with .NET, C# or OpenGL, has shown success leading a team, knows the product cycle and has succesfully managed the development of a product, has a perfect GPA and 2400 SATs, loves to do charity work and works well under pressure but is never under pressure because time management skills are so great. OMFG i'm going to go hide under a rock.

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