Sunday, May 20, 2007

chickens two favorite blogs are definitely The Consumerist and Treehugger. for one, the consumerist keeps me jumping in my harebrained schemes of money management, and keeps it real in the world of material consumerism. on the other hand, treehugger yang balances my worldly yin and soothes my bank-account fueled rampages.

tonight, treehugger has made me want to raise chickens.

Chickens from

seeing as how i'm probably going to end up living in a concrete-covered semi-urban region of boston soon, enjoying four months of warm weather per year, it makes me want to take up my childhood gardening habits even more. i'm already growing miniature carrots in large clay pots outside. i even have peppermint which i've deemed a worthy investment, after having made FOUR successful mojitos. (the rum was not from local sugarcane/beets, alas).

but what could be more fun than chickens? and fresh eggs? according to mother earth news apparently farm fresh eggs are really tasty. they even look better in that picture. and the description of farmed chickens reminded me suddenly of why i had, for one or two weeks, forgone meat. i'm not militant about vegetarianism at all, but thinking about farm animals in pens sometimes makes you turn back to beans.

yea. urban chicken. brings new meaning to the MIT Coop.

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