Tuesday, January 25, 2011

text twist

i've been playing alot of text twist online and it just occurred to me that ideas are kind of like those elusive 5 letter words in the game. sometimes you just have no idea what the answer is. but with a scramble and a different alignment of the elements (letters, technologies, whatever) that you already have, sometimes a completely new idea or application will just leap out at you. and it's so crystal clear that it's hard to see how you simply could not piece it together before. i find myself needing a scramble so often because i'll always hear about some new invention or web technology and be like "damn it's so obvious, why couldnt i have thought of it before and made a fortune on it?"

Saturday, January 15, 2011


i'm in reno, in a room of my own in a 2 bed suite (christine's with her parents in the other room) and scrolling around on tv - i havent watched food network, south park, or spike tv in a long time, but i hit up some music channels instead:

Monday, January 3, 2011

starting the year

today i go back to work and i'm looking for signs that the year will be awesome or shit. well, it's hard to say because it's been such a mix. my milk spilled completely from its container despite precautions to keep it upright, and i spent about 15 minutes in the bathroom washing my workout clothes and underwear in the sink while other guys peed in the urinals behind me. and as i reached down to sqeeze out the water the sink soap dispenser spooged on my sleeve three times. but, some nice guy brought a bunch of donuts and left them sitting around for people in the atrium, and dan brought in cookies. so breakfast was not lost. i forgot my password (really??) and got locked out of my login, but as a result i was able to implement a newer and cooler password. we'll keep count for the rest of the day.