Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Things a man should learn

More and more I've come to understand what it is to be a man. Well, not really in the sense of a movie star super hero should be able to all these things, but i think there are a few things that i've personally really wanted to do, and realize that not many people in the modern world can do it. so maybe we look back on our forefathers and say that's how real men lived.

So the things I have learned or am attempting to learn to do:

1. Ride a motorcycle
2. Shoot a gun
3. Shave with a straight razor
4. Drink whiskey
5. ?
6. Become clint eastwood
7. Profit!


Surprisingly relevant: from reddit

Travels, done

I totally didn't post about each place I travelled to. But a brief summary is this:

San Francisco - Sept 3
North Carolina
Bermuda - Cancelled! Due to passport expiration
DC (for work)
North Carolina - 11 pm Monday night to 5 AM tuesday night - got a haircut
San Diego - November 19