Thursday, May 3, 2007

life...after taekwondo

in some ways i feel like kansas city was my last taekwondo tournament. it is, at least for a while, although i may or may not go to fresno. but maybe it's because i accomplished a little something. i feel like i'm living life after taekwondo.

for one thing, i STILL do not have anything in my fridge to eat. partly because i'm lazy, partly because i've worked myself into a guilt-ridden case of mild anorexia, and mostly because i'm a cheap ass and won't buy anything not on the Ralph's weekly sales circular. i still spend about half an hour standing in front of the fridge, my eyes moving from the old yogurt to the veggies, to the jam. the yogurt is never something i want to eat, for some reason. i think i bought it with fresh fruit in mind, to make smoothies...but that's not happening. the veggies were good when i was in my vegetarian phase. now it's just a pain in the butt to wash, chop, steam, and eat them without any flavoring. and cooking is just too much for my laziness. and the jam would go great with peanut butter, but my bread's in the freezer and plugging in the toaster is too much.

sometimes i remember that i have ramen. thank god for the ramen. but then again i have to heat up water and let it stew...i only do this when i'm half drunk and playing oblivion. otherwise, it's not a real meal but too big for a snack. so i don't eat ramen, either.

but, i have plenty of time to cook. and do other things. no more guilty tuesdays where i tell myself i should go to the track. (i still should...) instead i have time to do things like go to the russell peters show at UCSD! (this time, it was on a wednesday. so i had to miss half of sparring class.

here's russell peters all his glory.

great show, hilarious stuff, some overly angsty and bitter opening comedians, and a lot of indian, chinese and arab jokes. there was only one black person in the audience so that wasn't worth making fun of. one thing i would have liked to hear more of was when he went to the principal's office and the principal thought he was retarded, so he spoke really slowly to russell, who then thought the principal was retarded.

but after that was done i went back to taekwondo practice, which was entirely unsatisfactory because i wanted to kick and spar and do great taekwondo things, but there wasn't enough time or space. and upcoming events will include: UC irvine sparring this weekend, where i'll probably coach or center ref. i-house culture night, where we might to a demo (may 12). fresno qualifiers...hmm. not quite the end of the season yet, huh?

and my new goal is to get up early to go lift weights. i guess early means...8ish?

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