Saturday, May 19, 2007

ihouse demo

I've finished editing the International House demo videos. Even though i was working with stupid-oriented windows movie editor, it still gave me tons of trouble...including changing the screen resolution and aspect ratio, which i finally figured out was camera and captured-media independent. i am stupid.

but here's the ihouse demo crew! while i still remember them: from front left, fa long, jemma, ming, jeremy, ian, and kyung and garret from our own ucsd tkd group! of course technically everyone's welcome to be a part of our club now if they choose to practice with us.

and if you notice, jeremy, fa long and ming are wearing my doboks. and the red and blue belts are also mine. lolfers.

here's another of ian in the middle of the break. looks good! although no one did a spin hook break like i was hoping.

and finally, here are the links (and embedded) videos. these won't autoplay this time so dont worry if you're in class or at work. right click to save them to your computer.

The blackbelts perform koryo

The main demo part

We didn't get to take the colorbelts kicking paddles, but that was cool too.

good job!

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