Thursday, May 31, 2007

birthday love

thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! it first started with the facebook messages, then the text messages, and a few calls here and there. then after i finally got into boston after a stupid delay, we had a great little gettogether that turned into sort of a party (with wine and cake.)

of course, the whole weekend was a party.

liza and ripan got married the next day, may 27, 2007. (remember it well, ripan.) it was a fusion wedding, indian and russian/jewish and overall pretty american. so it started with a baraat which usually involves the groom riding an elephant while his relatives dance around him. instead they just rented a car.

as we danced toward the wedding chapel/room, whatever it actually was, we met the other side of the family, all the russians who were quiet and regal. it was almost like a clash of cultures, or rather one that eventually turned into a meld and combining of cultures. which was good.

the best part was the indian buffet, russian hors d'oeuvres, and open vodka bar. i've never learned to appreciate grey goose until it flowed freely...but now i'm not drinking any other vodka. ever. and i do regret, as i always do, being too drunk and full during the ACTUAL dinner, which was later, because we were served more indian food, but i barely got to enjoy it due to a full stomach and a spinning head.

anyways, among the gifts i received were a GPS system from alicia (finally! i will never get lost again!) and a check from my parents. and since today on woot there was a camera and underwater case for $100, i consider that the gift from my parents, because it's the same price. the camera's kind of crap, but the underwater case will allow me to finally take surf pictures...woot!

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