Wednesday, May 16, 2007

computer nerdgasm

i received my Seagate FreeAgent 500 GB external harddrive today in the mail. it's a sleek machine that has a much smaller wire/power adapter/base volume than my previous 80 gb drive, and is about the same as my other 250 gb harddrive. but this one looks super cool. and now my total external hd capacity is 832 (500 + 250 + 80 + 2). and internally my desktop has 160 + 250 + 300 = 710 Gb, putting me at 1.5 Tb of storage (minus whatever they need for system files, so like 1 TB.)

however, the 80 gb doesn't quite work on my desktop. and, as i found out, neither does my new FreeAgent.

I got the freeagent so 1) i could move all my crap from my media drive somewhere else, so i can reformat it from FAT format to NTFS. but since i can't read the FreeAgent...i'm getting kind of worried. So i'm going to try to reformat the freeagent on my laptop, which is Windows XP Home, rather than the Windows XP Media Center edition that my desktop runs. Maybe a new format will help?

As i was doing that, i ended up rummaging around for windows drive utilities, and came across an article that listed all these useful things you should use to maintain your computer:

Tucows: Increase Computer Performance

Among the tools i've started to use are Registry Mechanic and Diskeeper. I have a horrible time keeping my computer defragmented (especially when i download from bittorrent, and when I copy large 12 Gb video files from one drive to another.) So hopefully this will all help my system out in terms of speed/performance and data access. and maybe my harddrives will stop being stupid and be recognized on windows! and maybe my 250 GB drive will stop being a stupid FAT system which will not allow partitions greater than 50 gb or something like that!

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