Monday, May 7, 2007

photographic memory

there's a certain danger associated with looking through old photos. namely, suddenly it will bring you back into a world that is long gone but doesn't seem so long ago, and yet things have changed so much since then and all that remains are vague memories of a time that seems more glorious with the passing of each day.

the problem with looking back is that you will often see things that make you look forward and wonder about the future. but for me it doesn't make me realize that in another five years the "glorious past" will be my life today. instead i worry, needlessly and prematurely, that life is flying by and i will no longer experience it as fully as i did before. but maybe that's just because i'm not taking as many photographs anymore.

it's also really interesting to see photos of those brief times in your life when things are really different. those ephemeral transition times that don't remain in your longterm memory, except in the form of a nondescript photo album nestled among the larger memories, of taekwondo tournaments and fraternity parties. or of people in situations and roles and relationships that were very transient, but captured on camera, reminds you of the pace of life and how things will never stand still, except on film.

ok, i'm done with yet another pointless nostalgic entry, for which i post no images because they're 1) better in memory and 2) on my other computer.

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