Saturday, October 25, 2008

there's nothing, NOTHING, like the feeling after a tournament. and plus, the fact that it was alumni weekend, and that we won it back this year, and that i coached a great C/B team (maverick, sebastien, mark (C) and wenxian (B) to some awesome medals, makes it phenomenal.

it's a revival of the MIT team spirit. it's a reinforcement of my faith in humanity, in friendship, in youthful energy, in mit kids. in my mit kids.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

pants whore

i am a pants whore. what shoes is to women, men's legwear is to me. white pants, black jeans, dress pants. it's like a drug. when did i get addicted? oh right, when i bought a nice pair of jeans and stopped wanting to wear carpenter jeans and cargo pants. and when i got a subscription to gq. strangely, this coincides with a phase where i want to be able to do a standing jump to touch a basketball rim...which practically requires huge leg muscles, thus dashing away any chance of wearing slim european style pants.

when did i turn so metro? for some, like my pledge brother austin, it was there early and caused him some grief with the guys but plenty of brownie points with the girls. for others, it never comes because there's just too much technical work to be thinking about style. for me, every time i sit on the ivory throne, i have many precious minutes of browsing through my GQ and my roommate's Details, picking up on materialism and body image issues. this is what america does to you, kids. and it's so fun.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


i used to think i could do anything. it would always just be a matter of time...somehow, good things will happen, and i would have the capability to meet the need and take on a challenge. today i find that it's not that easy, and that maybe i have to really look a bit, and think about what exactly i want to do with my life. i sometimes regret taking the path i have now, and wish that i could be back in college. and seeing the phi sigs with john kerry in my old house was like feeling young, and full of potential and hope, and damn proud again. and at the same time, reading about the playboys of tech...wasn't that what i was supposed to be, four years ago? what happened? i knew that i should be daydreaming of a change in lifestyle, and i guess i still can't yet...and sometimes i wonder, WWJWD?