Thursday, May 10, 2007

comparison of UCSDTKD and MIT STKD


1. MIT STKD has an inspirational, and permanent, leader. UCSD has a combination of Bobby Ren and Master Baik, and the occasional student instructor.

2. MIT STKD has a rival. That's why it matters. UCSDTKD's only rival is the trimester system.

3. UCSDTKD is composed mainly of blackbelts who are relatively skilled coming into the club. MIT STKD's core is its colorbelt competitors, and many blackbelts who come into the club leave very soon.

4. MIT kids would rather go to taekwondo than do schoolwork. UCSDTKD kids seem to disappear three or four weeks because of midterms.

5. English is the official language of MIT STKD. Korean is much more favored at UCSD.

6. MIT STKD recruitment happens largely through its PE classes. UCSDTKD members seem to wander into the club, and I don't know where they come from. There are no rec classes yet.

7. UCSDTKD has very few expenses, but also zero income. MIT STKD has a full blown, multi-thousand dollar budget. Primarily raised by the club itself.

8. The officer corps of UCSDTKD is relatively young, still learning, and very eager. The MIT STKD officer corps is established and experienced.


1. UCSDTKD has Tapex. MIT STKD has multiple hangouts, including the student center lounge.

2. Both clubs have had trouble being recognized by administration. Both clubs have succeeded.

3. The officer corps of both clubs always has trouble recruiting. Who wants to put in time and give back to the club? (see my last post about enthusiasm.)

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