Friday, May 11, 2007

demo is go!

it's like a huge burden off my chest. i've meant to write this down a long time ago but kyung's the man. he's one of those types of people you meet randomly throughout life who then becomes indispensible. and you know you can depend on him. (among a few others at ucsd.) like john wong at mit, who suddenly joins the club in his senior year, but would have been great to have known early on. but maybe its one of those things where you only really come into your own in things you enter later in life. who knows?

but amazingly after only an hour our demo looks great. well, great like a demo put together in two days does. but it's worked out well so far, and we ended the night's practice on a note that i am confident that they will carry the rest out fine themselves. so basically my job is over and i am no longer super stressed, and pissed off at humanity. and it's funny how my uniforms fit three very differently bodied people. i had to loan some uniforms and belts out. and they all fit, but one guy's like 5'10 and fortunately i had my size 5 MIT uniform. the other two fit right in with the uniforms, and for a second i always forget that they are actually all uniforms i usually wear.

so hopefully the kids at ucsd's i-house will have a good demo this saturday, while i go off to my cousin's graduation. as a graduation gift i bought a dna neck tie and a bottle of robert mondavi 2005 wine, which was half as expensie as a bottle of the 2004. sorry, asia, im still a poor man but next time we will drink both bottles together to compare the difference.

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