Wednesday, May 9, 2007

spring cleaning

it's spring cleaning time and that means craigslist has got tons of irresistable things. i think i'm going shopping.

i'd forgotten how fun craigslist was. so for the first hour of work today i'll probably be browsing the for sale and free ads. today i already picked up a blender, probably my fourth blender bought off of someone, but this one is a nice oster that came with a second blade thingummy - something for blending smoothies and milkshakes. cool!

other things i saw recently that were NOT on craigslist:

acer 22 inch flatscreen computer monitor - $200 - - already sold out by the time i saw it =( the link will only work for today. woot is a dangerous place to shop because it's so addicting.

gps systems in general...i got lost on the highway again on the way to buying the blender. i blame the "local bypass" where the highway splits into three sections each direction or something, and you don't know which one leads to carmel valley rd.

1 comment:

Nathan said...

Dude I thought about buying that monitor but it is a refurb (r0x0rz! and after spending over 1K this month on plane tickets/tkd travel I decided I need to save.