Thursday, May 17, 2007

another nerdy reference

ok i've been working out some memory errors at work and i receive an email from a current mit team member asking for old photos. and suddenly i realize that life is like a program in which there may or may not be lots of memory leaks. for example - i've allocated a large buffer for the MIT aspect of my life - all the photographs, videos, friends, etc. that i've gotten over the past few years were allocated into memory. however, when i left for san diego, that memory was not cleared. i clearly still had several pointers to the memory space, because i continue to interact with them - i continue to collect photos and media from MIT over the past year even though i was not there. it's like the other programs still had a pointer to my MIT memory and have been updating it.

and i allocate a bunch of memory for UCSD, which i'm currently using. but when i leave ucsd i don't think i'll deallocate it. or maybe i will? probably i will leave one or two pointers in the form of unprocessed video, and maybe some connections to friends here. but i will most likely put down the smaller chunk of ucsd video, and reallocate my MIT buffers again.


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