Monday, May 21, 2007

"warning: spoilers"

no actual spoilers here, unless you havent seen star wars.

yea. i really shouldn't read spoilers threads on digg. the first time it was something about starbuck, and i was thinking, "starbucks? the coffee shop?" then i realized it was about BSG and i cried. seriously.

well this time i'm like, haha, this tshirt that ruins 18 pop culture endings that i found through should be fine. for example, the first one was *STAR WARS SPOILER* Darth Vader is Luke's father. duh. and also, for a lot of people this was bad but *300 SPOILER* all of them die except for the one eyed bard guy. well...that's not hard to figure out.

then i kept reading, and after a while came upon some kind of iffy ones, like donny darko, which is actually fine because it's impossible to understand the movie without reading about it anyways. and then i came across a harry potter spoiler but i thought "well i probably won't watch it anyways, although it kind of ruins some stuff." then i came across...another BSG spoiler. and i had to shut my eyes.

damnit! don't ruin BSG for me! stupid internet.

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