Thursday, January 7, 2010

craigslist bonanza

just a little list of what i've been purchasing on cl. it's kind of like a drug to me. when i get bored during the day the most satisfying thing to do is to search on craigslist...for anything basically, but right now i'm looking for all kinds of shit to put in my house. i don't know how i do it, i think i've doubled the amount of furniture and possessions i have. well, at least i dont have to move it any time in the future.

so here's what i've busted my wallet on since i moved in to spring st:

ikea track lights (3 bulbs) - $20
pyramid range hood - $215
ikea wool rug - $40
ikea upright lantern - $20
ikea couch - $200
ikea 6 drawer malm dresser, wide, and stave mirror - $100
ikea stave mirror - $20

crate & barrel hanging pot rack
west elm coffee table
another couch
another rug