Tuesday, July 20, 2010

lightning storm

yesterday a fantastic lightning storm rolled in as we were having practice on the turf. it was near the end of practice so we were doing pushups and crunches and stretches, and you could see the dark clouds sliding in over the field. between every five counts for pushups or squats, there would be a sharp spike of light spreading over our heads like a coral skeleton in the sky. that would have been the perfect time to capture some imagery but I didn't have my camera and we were still in practice, so after everything finished i ran home and grabbed my camera and tripod and went first to the mass ave bridge, then up to the top of the west garage. it was empty up there, just me and the sky, and i'd continuously take 2 second exposure photos hoping to catch the lightning in the middle of my frame. it was like a game. every time i pressed the button just at the right time (1/2 second before a thread of lightning spread across the sky) i would get chills down my spine at the awesomeness of it all. it was probably a funny sight, me in my workout clothes holding a huge pink victoria's secret umbrella, under a while street lamp on top of an empty garage, pointing a camera at nothing and intensely taking photos. but i caught some of the lightning.

i will post a few later.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


its been about 10 days since i've left boston and arrived at spain. and i can clearly say that if i had the opportunity i would leave the united states in a heartbeat and move to spain. or almost any country in europe. but i love the lifestyle. perhaps it is that i love the memories i obtained during a few days of sports games that i attended. but in truth my whole experience here in spain has been amazing and i would come to another seminar/open/training here in a heartbeat.

tomorrow i leave for the USA again. it mis an afternoon flight but we're leaving in the morning so it will be early. pictures tomorrow.