Tuesday, December 9, 2008

thank god i learned piano

if there's any single reason to have learned an instrument while you were a child, here it is:

remember kids, no matter how much you hated practicing every day, feared getting up on stage to perform a recital, disliked having to lose an hour per week trying to make your piano teacher believe you practiced, it will pay off in the end. one day, you WILL be able to play all zelda theme songs on the piano. and sure, knowing an instrument must be *instrumental* in picking up chicks, especially if you can rock the opening.

then, there's always a career in comedy playing rachmaninoff's prelude in c# minor:

now, i find myself with a new christmas wish list. on it includes:

upright piano (craigslist, ~$150)
hd camcorder (~$600-800)
slr camera with lens (>$1000)

take a hint, secret santa


christine hsueh said...

aww, no steinway model d? :P

Augie said...

upright for 150? damn thats cheap