Wednesday, December 17, 2008


i ran across a promising website with a lot of film content.

Openfilm - user generated films

a lot of footage from vancouver film school. there's also a lot of animated shorts and "making of" documentaries. but so far i have yet to find anything really as intriguing as Validation.

there's something about using a hi-def camera with low-def camerawork and acting. i think it actually makes it more obvious that certain films are *not big budget productions*. the best part of every film i've browsed so far is the opening - the music seems to be good (is vancouver film school a school of film scoring?) and sets the stage for a witty short film, but then the acting and camera work don't come together. yet another reason for me to despise being in my own films.

just like taking a black and white photo makes it look so much classier, i think taking texturized film makes it more intriguing. imitating old video footage, like vhs home videos or really old black and white 35mm film, works to mask a lot of the imperfections in acting, and gives a shaky camera a reason to be shaky. more and more i'm wondering if it would be good to make a film just using my old handheld...then i watch old tkd videos and the quality is just too bad for me to handle.

what does it take to achieve the perfection in my vision??

edit: some of the animation shorts are much more artsy, and interesting. I guess i wasn't fond of the few films that had actual actors and plots, because although they were based on real world (an apartment party, three roommates on a couch), the plots were just so contrived. Rene, here's a video you would like, although it starts to drag after a while:

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