Wednesday, December 3, 2008

documenting my life

maybe i've had enough aimless engineering...but suddenly i feel like going into the film industry again. and looking at my life, film school seems like a very possible goal. having gone back and forth from wanting to work for a large software company, wanting to join the suits in business school, and wanting to be a film director, maybe none of those things are too unrealistic.

perhaps it's a fear of being passed by or forgotten, but occasionally i look back and get the urge to watch my life as a movie. and i'm sure everyone wants their story told, even if it is relatively benign. but even in the most usual aspects of our lives there has to be an interesting tale. i wonder how long this will last, but now i have the urge to pick up my camera again and start documenting.

one day, one day, i will put together the tribute to MIT sport tkd, the first years. but maybe i will also create a mitstkd revival film.

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