Thursday, December 25, 2008

boston on christmas day

i walked around boston for about 3 hours today. when i woke up it was sunny, and i had to struggle to make myself get out of bed, but i think it was worth it for the sun.

today was a really nice day. it was warm enough to not have to bundle up ridiculously. i walked from the harvard bridge (mass ave) to newbury, then boylston street. when i walked through the boston gardens, john mayer was playing in my ipod - "one day i finally overcame - trying to fit the world inside a picture frame" and i thought how ironic. but it's ok, the d90 images won't come out 3x5.

here is my flickr photostream for boston on christmas day

lost gloves

snowman and family

squirrels are fat enough to survive the boston winter

newberry street, colorful and closed

a father hit his son with a snowball

homeless for the holidays


Christine L. said...
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Christine L. said...

for some reason i feel like 3x5 is the perfect driving/walking/traveling song. :D it's one of my favs... in fact my old blog was named after a line from it (you should have seen that sunrise/with your own eyes).

awesome pics... ::drool:: d90!

Anonymous said...

these pics are awesome =) yay bobby!
i realized that trying to fit everything in a frame usually makes it dull, while focusing on details makes them more interesting. i love the first pic in this post!