Monday, December 8, 2008

subway portrait

photo by jess lin, mitstkd

something about this photo from the dinner struck me. it feels so overwhelmingly classic. it's almost candid in being posed. maybe it's the ascending lines of the escalator tunnel or the gritty texture on the ceilings, maybe it's erika's casual gaze and smile that exudes calm in a crazy city, maybe it's the contrast of the red against a bleak boston winter.

i wanted to make it all artistic, because it just feels so iconic. of course i'm no graphic artist so this is almost what i pictured in my head, done in 5 minutes using simply irfanview. i don't know...the photo deserves something more, like being put up on a billboard, or becoming archived in the library of congress under "awesome team outings."

1 comment:

Lyla said...

I agree- it is my desktop background now. I haven't studied art to any extent, but it seems like you already have pretty thorough analysis. hmm...