Friday, December 12, 2008

old skool games anew

us gamers born in the (early) 80s can never get over super mario et al. when i was about 8 years old, the Super NES was released in the US. All my friends had NES's, and i was clammering about getting one myself, but somehow my mom knew that a new one was coming out, and persuaded me to wait, and persuaded my dad to just buy me one when it came out. (looking back on it, that was very atypical behavior for asian parents.) after i got my SNES, i only ever bought a few games, but who needed anything more than super mario world?

playing the snes was all about practice, practice, practice, getting the finger muscle memory down perfectly in order to beat the hardest levels. and there was the occasional cheat, such as street fighter's down R up L y b (which i still remember because of finger muscle memory.) that particular one was such an important discovery to street fighter 2 fans, and i was forever searching for more secret codes at the bus stop. and it would have been a dream to us children to have been able to edit those levels, instead of just using codes to get through them.

so now we're grown and educated, i guess some people are big into editing games, and making mashups of all of the older games we used to play. here is one particularly interesting mix, which includes super mario, sonic, mega man, and EVO.

i've actually never played sonic or megaman that much, but i did play EVO and liked it alot. part of me thinks this video is awesome, and part of me cringes. the mario graphics are still my favorite, and i was never good at megaman because of the physics of it were so different from mario. but in a mashup, everything goes, even the luigi in sonic world.

in my ongoing browsing through reddit at breakfast time, i also ran across this music video. again, part of me loves this video, and part of me wants to throw up. my favorite part is definitely the super anime-looking luigi - when you try to convert mario or luigi into anime realistic guys with strong eyebrowed stares, no words can describe it. the second best part is just the horrible sounding japanese lyrics (and subtitles) to the mario theme song.

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