Wednesday, December 24, 2008

holiday movie list

a list to remind myself of more movies to watch over holiday break.

slumdog millionaire
waltz with bashir
the curious case of benjamin button
the diving bell and the butterfly
meet bill
in 2009, "9" (produced by tim burton - looks cool:)

there's one other movie about a girl in a hospital where a soldier tells her a story every night...i forget what it's called, it's bothering me alot. it might have been a never released movie.

1001 nights - randomly ran across this, has full movie online, might be interesting

"hits" from the summer
tropic thunder (maybe....ehhh, it'll take the right mood)
i discovered there's a movie guide on fandango! it's kind of cool to see when all the movies have come out or were popular. so many movies get some ad time then just disappear from the public memory.

christmas movie classics: only counts if seen on TBS or some cable channel - also on fandango's holiday list
how the grinch stole christmas
a nightmare before christmas (another tim burton movie)
edward scissor hands (tim burton!!)
a christmas story
charlie brown's christmas special

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