Friday, December 26, 2008

slumdog millionaire and the art of visual media

i watched slumdog millionaire today. and decided that i'm not going to waste my money on mainstream hollywood pics anymore. because not only was the story more intriguing, but the camerawork was so much more creative, and didn't use any big budget special effects.

and i've realized that just like a good slr makes photography immediately that much bigger, a hd camcorder would make films that much more professional looking. all of my practice with the nikon today made me really able to see all the changes in focus, all the framing, etc in slumdog millionaire. and i think because part of the appeal is the film's artistic camera techniques, the camera work was really, really thorough.

so i decided we'll HAVE to get a hd camcorder, with variable zoom, and all that good stuff. the nikon d90 does take 1280x960 video up to 5 minutes...maybe that'll be a start.

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Rene said...

watch wang kar wai's films. i love his camera work. no high tech. really inspiring.