Sunday, December 21, 2008

saturday night finds

today i'm just chillin at home because not that many people are around anymore, and frankly, my body's getting too old to party wednesday, thursday, friday AND saturday night. so i'm finding out that a hoodie and earphones are enough to make your couch into a personal theatre.

here is a cool time lapse video of the sunrise over san francisco:

Twin Peaks San Francisco Sunrise (HDR time-lapse) from Chad Richard on Vimeo

aside from being a super beautiful piece of time lapse photography, it also leads me to my other note, that i bought a Nikon D90 camera kit! i bought the body from amazon, and the 18-105mm lens from rene. although it's no D700 which the author of the above video used, it has a lot of other cool features i can't wait to try out. besides, it'll be about a hundred times better than my old point and click. the only advantage that one has is i could use it underwater.

i've been thinking alot about how to make a video or photograph look more professional in the sense that it doesn't look like an amateur student project. here's a music video from gnarls barkley, "Who's gonna save my soul". warning: graphic, kind of gross.

i liked the opening alot. this is another case of the handheld, slightly unsteady camera work, but its angles are precisely framed and repeated that the whole of the video looks very professional. then the part where he tears out his heart starts and it's no longer too interesting. but i want to be able to catch all the right angles, depth of focus, get the face framed in just the right ways as this video did in the beginning.

now for something closer to real life. and to just completely destroy any semblance of artistic merit i had before. Facebook girl

"i poke you, but you never poke back. when i'm on line you never wanna chat. i just want to get in side your world, come on now, you're my facebook girl"

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