Wednesday, December 3, 2008

counting headz

i realized my cousin (whom i've never met before, talked with briefly through email) has been doing film since our parents first encouraged the younger generation to mingle. i guess back in the day her film was still being funded, but it looks like it's becoming much more successful:

Erin Offer's "Counting Headz", a documentary about women's hip hop in South Africa

Coutningheadz Promo

anytime i hear a good soundtrack (hiphop with good beats, for example) i just want to film. something about the music makes a film flow so much nicer. when you're actually doing the camerawork, i guess either in your head you have to have the music going, or be listening to something inspiring, because a film doesn't come together until you put all the clips to music. that's what made my first tkd highlights video so exciting, even though looking back on it now, the sync was off. and that's why whenever i'm listening to let it rain (epik high) i want to make a film...possibly a film about the forbidden love between two people i know ;)

back in early '07, when i was still in california, i had a chance to go to a red carpet opening of her documentary. (not really, it was being screened at indie film festivals in sf. but that would still be cool.) i guess i couldn't really make it because i was travelling too much for tkd already. but now i really want to see it. more, i want to meet someone who's worked and made a documentary that matters to her, and made it into a success. maybe i'll learn something, and one day i can make the documentary that matters to me. but i'll have to get a better camera before then.

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