Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the mother of invention

over christmas break, i plan to watch a lot of indie movies. they seriously require actual effort and genius to make, rather than just a few hundred million dollars and lots of computer effects.

here's a trailer to a movie that looks really funny. unfortunately they're looking for distributors so it doesn't seem like it's out yet.

the main actor is like a fat, lispy, mulletted leonardo dicaprio. his acting is genuine and shameless (from what i've seen in the trailer). it looks like the whole movie will be good, and the jokes in the trailer aren't the only ones in the movie.

other films i'm hoping to see (but will have to rent or go to the theatres) - this is a list for my own reference when i'm sitting at home with no motivation to do anything:

slumdog millionaire
waltz with bashir

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