Thursday, December 4, 2008


i feel like i just entered the world of online social networking and i have the blogging maturity of a 12 year old and the technical capability of a 40 year old. (40 year old noob, not a 40 year old google millionaire.)

it makes me wonder if i have the artistic ability to transition into the movie industry. everytime i see a beautiful short film i am inspired, but just like everytime i see a well designed blog i sit and admire the person behind it, and aspire to be like them, but then i don't want to put in the effort to mess with stylesheets, templates, formatting, finding art, etc etc. can't my personality just manifest itself? do i even have a strong enough personality, to be worth expressing through anything more than the generic blogger template? it's much too easy to just consume other people's art than to produce my own, yet i don't think i'll ever find peace of mind without it.

looking back on my old old old homepage through the way back machine, i had some creative drive. but now it's the design ability of a 12 year old, in 1998. (12 year olds today are pretty amazing, i bet)

ok i am going to continue facebook stalking and blog stalking people. while laundry finishes.

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