Sunday, December 28, 2008

north carolina

when i found that remington grill is not just a chain restaurant, but a chain restauraunt that only exists in central NC, it became a must stop location. i used to go there with my high school tennis team and we'd order the all you can eat ribs until they'd ask "this will be your last plate, right, sir?" and we'd glare and say just cook up some more ribs.

today, it's 72 degrees in north carolina and it feels like a straight up summer barbeque. the whole restaurant was slightly smokey with a hickory haze just sitting over your head. after we ordered our all you can eat ribs, i noticed a selection of beer, and decided that what the hell, having a beer with ribs in a family restaurant is so typical of the south. it's not quite like actually being at a bbq festival, but for being in the middle of a strip mall, lunch at remington grill was pretty awesome.

and have you read this article about a eugenics program in north carolina?

North Carolina may pay reparations for eugenics program that lasted until 1975

they sterilized handicapped or "inferior" people from 1929 to 1975. that's the south that i grew up in. but looking around remington grill, and being in NC in general, maybe it was my imagination but maybe the eugenics program had some lasting effects. maybe that's why there were so SO hot pretty girls in NC. and there are definitely those who obviously were NOT part of the eugenics program. i know it sounds bad, the damage has been done, but NC is now reaping the benefits, hahaha.

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