Wednesday, January 14, 2009

surfing the pororoca

this looks extremely fun.

two guys riding a poroca

the pororoca is a long running wave in the amazon that happens a few times a year. just look at the smoothness of the ride. i used to swim out past the break for 5 minutes, sit there for another 5, then catch a 10 second ride back. and here, as long as you don't wipe out, you can have a 37 minute ride (the record). but i bet you get mad tired by the end. the height of the waves looks nice too - not too intimidating to me, ie not above the waist.

and if you're in texas, it's also possible to catch long rides using the wake of supertankers. that's the one upside to texan oil drilling tycoons, i guess.

the man made waves of tankers

imagine when a tanker goes in the opposite way. you make a u turn and start over again.

sigh, i want to visit san diego.

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