Monday, January 5, 2009

buying a house - rewinterization and mortgage application finalization

sounds boring, i know, but these are exciting times.

today we met with the realtor again to inspect the house after the plumbers finally fixed the broken water pipes. it seemed they put in new ones everywhere and the heating on the 2nd floor feels fine. then we discussed pricing...i'm always very bad at approaching the subject. but finally we brought up that the moldy room would probably be about $10k to repair, and eugene said he'd look into asking for $10k off the price. not bad - it's good to start high.

we ran into a bit of a snag with the mortgage. it seems that they are wary of the large deposit to my bank account, which was actually MY money that i had given to my parents to help pay for a car. so now they're giving it back...but the banks have to make sure it's not another deposit from another creditor, so we have to sign a "Gift Form" to prove that it's a gift. these are all just technical bureaucracy...but it's so ridiculous how every party has to cover their ass. fortunately, now we have all the funds readily available so we should be able to close the mortgage application and get to closing the whole purchase soon.

up next: what to purchase? power tools, appliances, building materials, new duct work. there's a lot of work to do.

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dareonion said...

duct tape. you can never have too much duct tape.