Wednesday, January 28, 2009

cold boston

the forecast for tomorrow is 6 inches of snow during the day in the greater boston area, and 8-10 to the north and west. that makes me wonder if i should go to work tomorrow, because lincoln labs is exactly northwest of boston. if it starts to snow overnight, maybe the lincoln labs snow emergency phone number will tell us to stay the fuck out of the cold.

of course, that's not possible in my house. we have the heat turned down to save money, but it's probably literally 40 degrees inside. which is good because the actual temperature is 24 degrees F. a man was found frozen to death recently (on reddit) and that shows that cold weather indoors is no joke. earlier today i had to sit directly in front of my radial heater in order to stay warm because my bedsheets were simply too cold.

why the f am i in boston? other than the fact that i love the city and the mit sport tkd club, there's no reason to stay here. why not go to san diego where 60 is too cold to go out to the beach and is a reason to have a bbq indoors instead.

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dareonion said...

one of my friends at ucsd was showing me pictures from when she was at the beach... 10 days ago. in 80 degree weather.