Saturday, January 17, 2009


this morning i woke up dreaming about horses and fighting. i often have those types of dreams - fighting ones, not horse ones - where i'm kicking someone's ass and they have nothing on me. but i realized i got my ass kicked last night in fingers, twice. which is why i woke up with a trashcan next to my bed and a unreturned calls.

the thing is, i seem to know what's good for me when im completely drunk. around every corner i find surprises. like, i remember putting the bag into the trashcan and setting it next to my bed, just in case. but when did i change into my pajamas? when did i take out my contacts? oh shit there they are on the table right next to me, even with new solution. is my phone dead because it's out of batteries? oh wait, i even plugged it in. i just know that when i walk out the door, i will run into another pleasant surprise, like polished shoes or a washed car. it's like drunk bobby does all these things sober bobby doesn't.

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