Wednesday, January 21, 2009


sometimes i wonder why i live in boston. last year the weather was sort of appealing - a good change of season, two big snowfalls, and you get to experience the full range of temperature and make use of the whole wardrobe. this year, there have been constant snowfalls every week (which is good for the snowboarding trips) but the temp has become lower and lower. i actually wore BOTH my coats today, the peacoat then the snow jacket, and still froze my butt off.

and today i learned how to make real coffee. i guess in the past, the filter has always fallen over the coffee when i make it, because the outcome tastes like brown water, and the coffee grounds never look used. and today the water came out black and steaming and the filtered coffee had a crater inside as if the grounds were trying to get away from the hot drip of the water. and now i realize that 3 heaping teaspoonfuls are slightly strong because i'm beginning to get jittery hands and can't type anymore.

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