Saturday, January 10, 2009

more lessons from starcraft

starcraft is becoming more and more true to life. as in, i actually find myself having to improve my macro irl. right now i'm coordinating a few things going on at the same time (house buying, snowboard trip, dinner plans) and on gchat it's practically like making sure your bases are all running efficiently. and i am failing at that. but i think my multitasking is getting a bit better.

on the other hand, starcraft is not a fun game. it is STRESSFUL. i actually get the same feeling when i'm playing a map, and when i finally sit down to deal with planning stuff - ie, my breath is shorter and faster and my chest hurts, and i find myself scowling. ugh, i am old and fragile.

also, i'm betting that work is like rushing in starcraft. there are those people who know the exact build order to get really ahead in the first few years of their work, then they cruise through the rest of the game of life, whereas i'm cruising now, just slowly collecting minerals. and one day, i'll be rushed by the damn protoss army in the office next door or something because he'd been a good worker and is now somewhere in life. i'll be left with 380 minerals and one probe. game over.

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