Saturday, January 17, 2009

lost and found

last night's haze caused a bit of panic this morning. because i had lost my driver's license, i brought my passport to get into crossroads last night. and because of my late night semiconscious diligence, i had the smarts to take it out of my coat pocket and put it on my desk before going to bed. and then this morning, when i was considerably much less lucid, i realized it wasn't in my coat pocket, and thought i had dropped it at roads. so i proceeded to search for it at roads, but of course it wasn't there.

just now i also realized that my driver's license had come in, and was in the pile of mail on our couch. so a part of me is relieved, that i still have my passport and my replacement license. the other part is kicking myself in the face for not being able to find anything in the morning. i guess it was a tough morning.

still, other things keep disappearing. someone left a pair of leather gloves in my car, but before i could find out who they belong to, one has gone missing. i can't find my most recent contact lens case. i almost lost a hat but it appeared inside the hoodie of my coat while i was snowboarding. i swear, there's a small goblin running around hiding my belongings, stashing them in the closet where christine thinks i hide dead bodies.

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Anonymous said...

perhaps you should check your dead body closet when you're looking for stuff, then.