Thursday, January 29, 2009

leg jackets

this morning i wore six layers of clothing because it was so cold. (especially in our living room, which has no heat.) but then i realized my legs were still somewhat chilly even though they're not as heat sensitive. that's because i only had two layers - my long underwear was wet so i am wearing a layer of tkd pants. but then i thought how easy it was after i finished the inner layers and put on my sweatshirt - just put on any jacket i can find, preferably in size order. then i thought, why dont we have pants jackets. (that was not a question, that was one of those statements that start with why.)

presenting the pants jacket, in my paintshop pro designer's sketch. see you at new york fashion week.

available in wool to match your peacoat, or gray nylon to match your snow jacket. single leg (skirt) version available for women or the manliest of men. can also be in plaid and comes with free bagpipes.


Anonymous said...

As I read this I have 6 layers of clothing myself, and my scarf. I do feel pretty protected when I go out to the cold though.

And yes, our apartment is pretty cold in general. Which makes for a unique experience when you wear 4 layers of clothing to walk around your own place. =D


Suz: said...

I would totally buy leg jackets.