Friday, January 23, 2009


speaking of delicious food, yesterday we went to Masa after CW. they were having a salsa night (every thursday) and one of alicia's salsa friends, rrrrrrricardo, was the dj. i am only beginning to appreciate the salsa culture and it is very refreshing.

what was great, however, was the 10 piece tapas and they great sangria. and since it was late, the tapas were half off, making this whole plate $5:

this was not my photo but it was exactly this plate. ommmmmmmnomnom it was so good. i dont see why we don't just go there for 2 plates of tapas, two sangrias, and some salsa every thursday. for me, maybe more sangria than the other two, but whatevs.


Omar said...

That plate of tapas was delicious indeed. The juice I had was really good too. And salsa, oh that was fun!

Let's go back!

becca said...

Hey! I told you about this place when I went with my brother during Thanksgiving break! They didn't card me. I want to go back there!

mitrenegade said...

@becca you're right, that's where i heard of it from. it was awesome. i think alicia wants to take a group together next time, want to go?

Alicia said...

Hey, I'm down with going any and every thursday. It's great!