Friday, January 23, 2009

food photography

my photography finger's been itching like a rash on a hairless hobo. sorry for the imagery but i hope you get the picture. haha. anyway since i utterly fail at sports photography and can't get the shutter speed and aperture settings to complement for the life of me, and i think i'm ok at night landscapes but the above picture in my banner is still ten times better than any of the boston night scenes i took myself, i am resorting to closeup still life food photography. (of course, portraits are still in the works. men of tkd calendar should be out in april, after cutting weight is successful.)

i looked at some of my old food portraiture. they are actually results from the desire to eat and be happy rather than to fulfill my artistic inclinations. most of these images were taken right after cutting weight, during a quiet tuesday night (when there was no UCSDTKD) and when i'd sit down to a large bottle of two-buck chuck and a late night of oblivion (the rpg, not the state of mind.)

My picasa albums - images uploaded to this blog

i must have been cutting weight hard to savor a beer like this

the chicken wing was more tasty than it looks

the chicken has cranberry wine reduction sauce

i dont like shiraz as much now but here's the famous TWO BUCK CHUCK

shrimp spaghetti, with the ubiquitous delicious beer

not mine but the cat looks delicious

and chsueh has promised me that she is going to cook asparagus, artichoke, and shitake risotto. and my part will be to first photograph it, then devour it like a hobo on a ham sandwich. we'll compare photos to see how well (good? goodly?) ours looks compared to the one on smitten kitchen:

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