Friday, January 30, 2009

new york photos

i've finally gotten to take my own new york photographs. they're nowhere nearly as cool as other peoples', but at least i can focus on subjects i like, such as the awesome members of mit stkd.

all the photos are posted on my public directory, which i'm going to start using as a public photo web album.

1-24 NY Trip

chinatown pastries

a very genuine smile

times square with group

lots of red fobbiness

korean bbq


karaoke with stunners...what else to do in ny?

and here are a few cool panoramas. the first is from times square, the second is the view from the balcony on jackie's parents' apartment. 34 floors, into the Future.

there is one more GREEN panorama/collage to come.

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dareonion said...

duet 35! i believe i was at its distant cousin diet 48 on saturday night (maybe at the exact same time too)