Thursday, February 22, 2007


in my drunken stupor last night, i created a wikipedia note about the phenomenon of amc, or asian male crisis. (that's for another post another day.) of course, the last time i made a wikipedia entry, it was removed the next day. and the same thing's happened, though i made it sound as official as i could while tipsy off of half a bottle of chardonnay. the entry went something like this:

AMC: Asian Male Crisis: a social phenomenon experienced by asian males who feel sexually threatened by males of other ethnicities.

i wonder how wikipedia actually works - is there some sort of bot that removes posts from nonauthorized sources, or is there an army of PhD candidates who actually screen all changed material for reliable sourcing?

consequently, the closest actual thing i could find to AMC is under Male Crisis in New Korean Cinema. but since my college years i've outgrown that phenomenon, much like kids eventually go through adolescence and then mature. so it's no wonder that it's not an official psychological ailment.

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