Thursday, February 22, 2007

battlestar galactica

why do i need to work in the morning? frack normal life. i just want to eat ramen, drink wine and watch battlestar galactica.

my current favorite character is galen. maybe because they call him chief. (i didn't even know his name was galen until now.) even though he should be my mortal enemy because of amc but somehow he's just the most realistic, down to earth character in the series.

what really strikes me about battlestar is the great acting. this is no Star Trek folks. This isn't even Lost. whenever i watch tv series i look for moments where an actor breaks character, stops believing that he's in a spaceship. this never happens in battlestar. what you get is just complete immersion in the alternate universe, where cylons are threatening humanity. and every moment of survival is a victory for society, one from which we could learn so much.

maybe it's not like lost, where the cliffhangers rivet you to the screen for 20 straight episodes (or maybe i'm not there yet.) but what will keep me going is that sometimes, i will wish that i was on a ship, running from killer cyborgs, and trying desperately to repopulate humanity while calling every superior officer, including females, "sir".

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