Thursday, February 22, 2007

office productivity

it is true that food makes you more productive. i think mostly it comes from constantly cutting weight, because when you're hungry, about 80% of your brain is focused on food and hunger and when's the next meal for most of the day. when you're full, or stuffed to the gills with a greasy carnitas quesadilla, you really don't think about food at all. (maybe you think about taking a dump once in a while, but that's only 5% of the time.) thus, i've successfully coded, or debugged, or wandered blindly through the wonderful world of usb drivers, nonstop for the last...oh, 30 minutes or so...that's a 500% increase in productivity!

the next experiment, is how long it takes for food coma to settle in. given that the company actually bought lunch because we have visitors, a food coma will be inevitable.

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