Monday, February 5, 2007

pod sighting

today was one of the warmest days recently in san diego - i think around 80 degrees at noon when ryan and i went surfing. basically once we found the nice beach in del mar, it became apparent that the rest of the day would be great, and that coming out to surf was the best decision we could make.

the water at del mar was very smooth, with very wide waves that took a long time to break. it was a great day for my longboard, and i caught two of the medium waves.

then i was watching the horizon for the next 3 ft wave to cruise on when i saw a fin on a big black back emerge from and then disappear into the waves. i told ryan and he stared out toward sea for a little while, but didn't see anything.

later as we tried to catch a few more waves without much success, we saw them again, but this time the dolphin jumped straight out of a coming wave, did a front flip and dove back in. the wave then crashed over us and laughed at our meager human attempts to surf. and throughout the next half hour we saw three or so different dolphins, jumping out of the water, having the time of their life. even at a distance i was surprised how large they looked - seemed like they would be huge if they came near. and one did almost come near - it swam around where we had been earlier, and i frantically tried to swim out past the break but it had disappeared.

i swear that the next time i see a dolphin i'm going to catch the best wave there is, and i'm going to ride it as the dolphin jumps and flips over me. then i'm going to bail and he'll catch me on his fin and we'll go waveriding together.

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